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About Us

Lovin’ Black Children provides products and services which embody the history and culture of African descendant people. The co-owners, Dr. Gloria Swindler Boutte and Dr. George Lee Johnson, Jr. are Africanists –which means for us, that we love all things African. We have traveled to 8 countries, representing all five regions of Africa.  We have traveled to every continent except for Antarctica and love Black people wherever we are in the world. We respect our collective histories and cultures. We recognize the importance of ensuring that future generations know this as well. We understand Black love and Black history as protective buffers for Black children and people in a world that does not typically respect Black humanity.  We welcome you! 




Dr. Gloria Boutte is a Carolina Distinguished Professor at the University of South Carolina and is the Founder of the Center for the Education of African American Students (CEEAAS). Click here for more about Dr. Boutte.




Dr. George Johnson is an Professor and Academic Coordinator of the Special Education Program at South Carolina State University.  Click here for more information about Dr. Johnson.

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