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Drs. Diaspora© is a four-to-eight week curriculum that focuses on the historical and contemporary culture, history, and language of people in the African Diaspora. It is created by two Ph.D.s (Dr. Gloria Boutte and Dr. George Johnson) who are both Africanists.  Both are nationally and internationally known scholars who have published and taught on the topic for decades.  Both have visited, taught in, presented, and/or lived in 10 countries in Africa. The authors intentionally provide accounts who illuminate intergenerational strengths from the perspectives of African people in the diaspora since this information has largely been excluded in history books and in school curricula.

We Be Lovin' Black Children is a pro-Black book. Pro-Black does not mean anti-white or anti anything else. It means that this little book is about what we must do to ensure that Black children across the world are loved, safe, and that their souls and spirits are healed from the ongoing damage of living in a world where white supremacy flourishes. It offers strategies and activities that families, communities, social organizations, and others can use to unapologetically love Black children. This book will facilitate Black children's cultural and academic excellence.

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The Center for the Education and Equity of African American Students (CEEAAS) mission is to: 1) provide demonstration models for schools and teacher education programs (drawing from existing research and literature on educating African American students); 2) conduct research on education of African American students; 3) advocate for African American children and their families; 4) impact and lead policy decisions which affect African American children; and 5) maintain a website with resources on effective education of African American students.

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The Jonathan Joseph Swindler Boutte Memorial Foundation was established in January 2019 to honor Jonathan Boutte’s life (1996-2019). During his short, but impactful life, he loved and honored all people. He was especially committed to helping improve the welfare of people in the African Diaspora.  Symbolically, at age 22, he had a tattoo of a Black Panther across each of his shoulders. In the middle of his chest were the words, “Black Love”.

The Anti-racist Collective is a collective of five faculty members at the University of South Carolina (UofSC), Department of Instruction and Teacher Education focusing on equity and countering anti-Blackness in our teaching, research, and service. We offer supportive anti-racist sessions. We are a multi-ethnic, male and female team, each with extensive professional development expertise and experience ranging from five to 30 years in Columbia, SC, the state, nation, and internationally. ​

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